360° industrial automation thanks to our specialised services

Thanks to the wide range of services offered and the capacity for innovation, Elettrotecnica Zambelli works by pursuing the quality of the product according to the individual needs expressed by customers, with a high degree of professionalism.

  • Elettrotecnica Zambelli has been a point of reference for many companies over the years, with services dedicated to software development, robotic automation, the development of switchboards, industrial plant engineering and design.


We take care of the analysis, research and development of software for control systems using equipment operated by programmable logic controllers (PLCs) of all brands, providing supervision via PC and communications network.


We provide manuals, technical assistance and interventions via remote systems such as PLC and/or PC supervision, optimising plant downtimes.


Today, anthropomorphic robots represent a versatile and fast model in the handling sector. A long articulated arm, mounted on a rotating platform, allows precise movement on 4 axes.


Our technicians, specialists in the field of industrial automation, are able to develop software to integrate robotic islands into production processes.

Electrical panels

We take care of the construction and wiring of electrical distribution and automation panels, electrical substations, medium and low voltage lines, power distribution centres, UPS, and power factor correction.


To complete the service, we offer maintenance both for users of our own installations and for those who wish to outsource the management of their installation to a specialised company.

Plant engineering

We manufacture electrical and pneumatic systems on board the machine, electricity distribution lines, indoor and outdoor lighting systems, drive power, smoke and fire detection and intrusion detection.

Our expertise allows us to design and implement efficient electrical systems for machines and production lines with control systems.


Our technicians deal with the analysis, study and development of hardware, design and documentation of distribution systems, switchboards, industrial automation and onboard systems. All this is carried out in compliance with the current regulations: CEI, EN, IEC, VDE, UL.


We also offer preliminary studies with detailed project plans and quotes.