From the food industry to packaging: industrial plants around the world

Elettrotecnica Zambelli, in Savignano sul Rubicone (FC), designs and manufactures industrial plants and electrical switchboards for every sector. We offer services for remote control, maintenance and professional assistance.

  • Since 1984, we have specialised in the food industry (mills, pasta factories, rice mills and animal feed mills) and in packaging (automatic packaging machines), and we have obtained important awards in the sector over the years.

  • Our company is a point of reference for many customers to whom we provide services in software development, robotic automation, switchboard development and industrial plant engineering.

The innovation of industrial plants has always favoured the constant growth of Elettrotecnica Zambelli. Creativity, quality and customer service allow us to remain competitive on the global market.

  • Consolidating knowledge, enhancing customer service and improving the use of new technologies: these are the corporate objectives that have guided us since the beginning.

  • Our added value has always been represented by human resources, which allow us to build plants in accordance with the most varied needs.

Since 1984: plant engineering improves from year to year


The Zambelli family business was founded in the field of control panels, with specialisation in the food and packaging industry.

Foundation of Elettrotecnica Zambelli; the family business becomes a limited liability company.

The company receives the gold plaque and the certificate of merit at the 45th provincial Economic Progress competition for its achievements.

CNA awards Electrotecnica Zambelli as being one of the Excellent Companies of the year for promoting business innovation.

Acquisition of the shares of Spark, a partner specialising in the design and construction of industrial plants and pasta machines.

The company renews its image: with a renovated headquarters, the new brand, the development of the coordinated image and a modern and cutting-edge website.

Why choose our industrial plants


We have been working in the field of industrial plants for 30 years


We always choose high-quality materials for our products


We collaborate with companies in other production sectors


Customisation and personalisation according to customer needs


Our technicians are available at all times


The assistance offered is constant and ongoing throughout the production chain