The best partners to rely on for industrial plant design

The founders of Elettrotecnica or partners in two companies also active in the field of electrical installations and industrial plant design: Serc and G.S. Elettromeccanica.


The result is a corporate group with complementary expertise, capable of meeting every need.

  • In 2010, Elettrotecnica Zambelli acquired shares in Spark, a company specialising in the production and customisation of machinery, plants and equipment for pasta factories.

  • Thanks to this partnership, companies are able to follow every aspect of the commissioning of plants and machinery in a multilateral manner, managing and coordinating activities more efficiently.


An essential resource for specialised mechanical design

Spark is active in the design, construction, assembly, maintenance and overhaul of industrial food plants and machinery for pasta factories, bakeries, and sorted or loose packaging of all kinds.

  • It takes care of the design of mechanical installations, and their ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, including the revamping of existing installations.

  • The staff's many years of experience allow them to follow the development of projects from the preliminary analysis of customer requirements through to customised design, as well as implementation and subsequent supervision during the installation and start-up of the system.

    Via G. Amendola, 27 • 47039

    Savignano sul Rubicone (FC)

    phone: +39 0541 380975